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Rimroc Computing is a Colorado western slope business specializing in the unique information requirements of irrigation companies and reservoir management companies. We have developed our copyrighted design called Computerized Irrigation Information System [CIIS] on two major database management systems, Borland's Paradox and Microsoft's Access.

CIIS is the complete software solution for a modern irrigation company. We track water certificates or land parcels and automate the transfer process. We store needed information on each of the companies' users, their water orders, and balances due on assessments. The program stores information on headgates or turnout points and provides for more than one type of water to be tracked.

In the case of reservoirs, data on daily releases and inflow are stored. CIIS compiles reports on water usage by district, canal or user, processes billing, produces monthly user water statements and imports accounts receivable and receipt totals into an accounting package. All of this is done with menus in a Windows format on software that allows for easy ad hoc reporting.

Our focus originated from living in the middle of a major irrigation area. We have branched out from Colorado into Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Most of this expansion was due to a roster of company names that we acquired from the Bureau of Reclamation. Our marketing has centered on mailing of brochures and word of mouth advertising.

Getting our message out to people has presented some difficulties. We invested considerable time and money in developing a professional brochure. We needed to have something that would attract attention and not immediately be discarded as junk mail. Through the use of a professionally designed brochure we believe we have accomplished what we set out to do.


Rimroc Computing


There are still issues that remain unresolved. Will the right person see the brochure when it enters the office? Will the Board of Directors be sympathetic to the plight of the office personnel? Will the company be willing to pay for the system?

Many of our prospective clients are hesitant to charge their water users for a computerized system or an upgrade to their present computer system. We believe that many of them could put a sur-charge on one year's assessment and pay for their system, but they are reluctant to do so. Fortunately , there are occasional grants available to help companies computerize or upgrade their existing system. The government has a vested interest in receiving timely and complete information on water usage from various projects they have funded. With more and more government requirements, such as the Crop Census and the Reclamation Reform Act [RRA], a computer system almost becomes a necessity. In many cases it is a necessity.

Companies are also plagued by competition for their water. Private companies find themselves paying large legal fees and spending inordinate amounts of time compiling information defending their water rights. In comparison, data that has been stored in a well-designed database system can be compiled easily in such an event.

We are finding that more and more companies are having to deal with exponential growth as their previously classified farmland is now being subdivided, especially those close to large metropolitan areas. Without an adequate and efficient computer system they are finding it impossible to keep track of their water users. Many companies are attempting to utilize computerized county tax records as a means to identify who their users are. A computerized record keeping system, of course, facilitates this.

As water becomes more and more in demand, it will become necessary to produce documented proof of beneficial usage. A computerized water accounting system can accomplish this. This system coupled with automated control gates will allow managers tighter control and supply them with more accurate and timely information.

We at Rimroc, think it is time to automate your water management system. Our practice of customizing our CIIS to suit individual irrigation company needs, enables Board members to set unique and necessary policies for the operation of their company.

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Terry Wilborn, B.B.A./ Business Computer Information Systems, a Colorado native with agriculture in her family background.