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Rimroc Computing is proud to offer the Computerized Irrigation Information System [CIIS], a program uniquely suited to organize and simplify data required by irrigation companies. Comprised of two independent systems, the Bookkeeping Module and the Water Management Module, designed to work together or separately and all done through our user friendly menus.

Rimroc ComputingThe CIIS software was developed in cooperation with Grand Valley Irrigation Company. This included a complete system conversion from manual bookkeeping to a computerized system. We developed the necessary programs for the customized assessment and water management system using design criteria and an established accounting package which can also handle payroll.

The complete program documentation was provided to the company which included the Information System Procedures Manual and the Technical Documentation. Grand Valley Irrigation has been using one of our databases since 1990, with Rimroc Computing supplying support throughout their conversion and training process.

Your company will appreciate the advantage of having a ready made package that can be customized for your individual needs. Rimroc provides personal attention to members of your organization and is committed to supporting you.

We develop decision support systems which help management take a proactive stance in protecting water rights. We are well qualified to develop what you need, and can be there from the beginning to give recommendations on selecting your computer hardware and software.

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